Create series of multiple interactive videos on the same page. Search titles, interactions, chapters, transcripts, and more to discover content and navigate immediately.

Create a video series to group similar videos and  share your interactive videos with ease.

After creating interactive videos in Mindstamp, it can be handy to create a series for your audience. A series allows you to add multiple videos that are all related. This is extremely useful for training courses where you have videos all on the same topic or promotional material all related to the same product. Another great feature of the series page is the ability to share your content with a single link. 


Easy Sharing

Once you have created videos all relevant to one topic, the easiest way to share your content is through a series. You don’t have to share 10 or 20 links to individual videos, with the series page, you can share one link to all the videos in your series. This will allow quick access to your videos that are easy to manage.

Powerful Search

Once you have created a series and added videos to it, you can then use Mindstamp’s built in functionality to search through transcripts, captions, chapters, and interactions. This will empower your audience to quickly find the information they need in your videos.  

How it works

In your Mindstamp account, select More > Series Page. From there you can name your series, add a description, and select all the videos you would like to add to your series. Once your series is created, you can edit the videos or the series page, search your content, and share your content. 

Common Use Cases

Promotional Series

When creating promotional videos, it is important to ensure that your viewers are seeing the most relevant information possible. By using a series, you can group together your videos and share them in a way that allows your audience to see all of your offerings related to a particular topic or service. The use of series can be the differentiating factor between your promotions and your competitors.

Educational Series

Educational videos are a common Mindstamp use-case. When a teacher is creating a group of videos, it is easiest to add the videos to the series to allow for their students to quickly and easily find information that is relevant to them. Series provide a way for creators to organize their videos in a way that makes sense.

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