Mindstamp Agency Partner Program

Mindstamp partners with digital and media agencies to deliver the most powerful interactive video experiences for your clients.

Interactive Video Changes Everything

It's time you brought the power of interactive video to your clients, and we're here to help.

Hubspot, Salesforce and CRM Integration Solutions

If your clients use interactive video in their marketing campaigns including product videos, email marketing or landing pages Mindstamp has native integrations that flow viewer and interaction data directly back into those platforms. This can then be used to trigger follow on marketing campaigns, lead scoring and sales follow-up. Additionally, Mindstamp videos can be embedded in Hubspot or third party landing pages and personalized based on the known data about the viewing contact, such as name, industry, etc.

Video Production Support Services

If your focus is on broader campaign strategy, Mindstamp can deliver services to create the underlying video assets for you in a manner that is optimized for interactivity. This includes all creative direction, storyboarding, layout, design and production.

Private Label and Reseller Solutions

The links and embed codes to the interactive videos you produce can be branded with your agency domain or the domains of your clients to ensure your clients perceive your agency as being the source of the creative work. We offer a generous reseller program to enable you to share in the recurring revenue from the Mindstamp solution.

Custom Reporting and Data Integrations

If your customer has an existing data warehouse or enterprise reporting system, Mindstamp interactive video data can be easily connected to create a robust, cross-platform view of prospects, clients or trainees. 

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