Collect and Analyze Valuable Interactive Video Data

With Mindstamp's powerful interactive video analytics, you can report on what matters. By knowing who is watching your content, how they are interacting, and where they fall off, you can keep your viewers engaged longer.

Mindstamp produces unique and highly valuable data each time somebody watches your video.

See exactly who watched, what they did, the feedback they left, and more.

Export the data that matters to you

Your interactive videos are rich in data. Whether it’s viewer engagement, question correctness, or contact information, through Mindstamp's flexible, intuitive tool you have the power to collect, analyze and report on your data with ease. Through our platform, you can export view, viewer, and interaction data while applying dynamic filters. 

Analyze your Views

Looking to analyze trends when your viewer’s engagement drops off? Using the Mindstamp views report, you can filter on specific videos or groups of videos, apply a specific date range, and select watch percentages, participation scores, and correctness scores. Once downloaded, you can analyze your views and find relevant trends driving your viewer’s engagement. 

Collect Viewer Info

Are you looking to collect leads from your interactive videos created on Mindstamp? If you are not using one of our automated integration tools such as Hubspot or Zapier, you can download your viewer data directly through Mindstamp. This will provide you with the custom IDs, names, email addresses, and phone numbers from your captured viewers. Additionally, you can see their activity on your interactive videos such as interactions count, answered questions, views count, and last view time.

Report on your Interactions

Interested in how your viewers are responding to your interactions? By filtering on specific videos or groups of videos, applying a specific date range, and specifying specific interaction types and their correctness, you can gauge how well your viewers are responding to questions, how often they click different buttons, how many comments are left on your videos, and many more.