Mind Stamp Media is a full service, Kansas City based ad agency.

We evaluate every client and every assignment individually, and base our recommendations on how to best meet your specific goals. You could say we specialize in giving clients what they need. How's that for a niche?

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With a career spent living & breathing marketing…I founded Mind Stamp Media and “Mind Stamp” represents what we do. "Making a deep long-lasting impression in the minds of your customers…To be impossible to forget!"

Keeping things simple is key to everything we do. We believe we have a way of working, strategically and creatively, that is less complicated, more enjoyable and ultimately more effective.

Through getting to know you and becoming an extension of your team, we will understand what you need from your marketing and work hard to make sure you get it. No matter how large or small your budget, we’ll ensure every penny is well spent.

We can provide all the marketing services you’re ever likely to want from traditional media to the latest digital technologies and have consulted in the creation, implementation and management of strategic media plans for clients ranging from locally owned & operated to large multi-market businesses.

We live our clients' brands. We embrace their values. Their success equals our success. We understand their business and customers, as well as their own teams do.

We are our clients.


We’ll develop a media plan that cuts to the heart of your goals—then faithfully shepherd that plan, relentlessly tracking results. We’ll negotiate the best placements and rates. We’ll zero in on who, how, where and how much and never take our eyes off your ROI.

Whether you are looking for traditional media, such as television, print, radio, outdoor, cinema and direct mail; or the ever evolving digital marketing world; we have the expertise to help you.

Our job is to identify the right mix to provide effective customer engagement, which delivers against your business growth ambitions. By planning and buying across a whole spectrum of media, we will identify the right media mix to connect you with your new or existing customers, and invest accordingly with complete neutrality and transparency.


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