Boost Engagement
Enhance Training
Maximize Retention
Personalize Learning
Capture Leads
Monetize Content
Use Branching
Sell Products
Collect Feedback
Foster Collaboration
Increase ROI

with Interactive Video

Mindstamp is the premier interactive video solution to help you get the most out of every play.

Say Goodbye to Boring Video

Mindstamp supercharges your videos with buttons, hotspots, questions, lead capture, branching, logic, and more to drive the results you need.

Increase Viewer Engagement and Retention

Provide immersive and engaging viewing experiences for your audience
Turn passive viewers into active participants through real-time participation
Create a sense of ownership by personalizing the video to each viewer based on actions

Boost Learning and Comprehension

Measure understanding by asking questions throughout the video
Provide dynamic feedback and navigation based on  answers and actions
Get comprehensive reports for every view that provide insight into your content

"Don't hesitate. An incredible experience all the way around."

"Switching to Mindstamp from another platform has been an excellent experience. The support has been incredible and the platform itself is simply the best we've used"

Anthony Lewis, Owner, XDance Studio

"Hands down, the BEST interactive video platform out there"

"The platform is beyond user friendly. The staff at Mindstamp are beyond helpful and very quick at helping with any questions. Hands down, there is nothing else like Mindstamp out there."

Rachel Adams, Partner, The Count's Den

Mindstamp's platform allows us to deliver our distance learning curriculum to students throughout California. Mindstamp's team has gone above and beyond to create custom, scalable solutions for us.

James D, Central Operations Manager

"Outstanding team. Customer service, willingness to work with us, and flexibility and knowledge earn them an A+ rating."

Charlotte Morrison, Quad Cities

Collect and Use valuable data instantly

Capture leads and contact information at your point of choosing
Share data with thousands of applications via our comprehensive integrations
Automate marketing and personalized outreach with your unique data

Make Money via Shoppable Videos and Content Paywalls

Connect your Shopify account to automatically import products
Use our in-video shopping cart to let viewers add products and check out
Add Paywalls to your content that allow viewers to purchase your content

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Mindstamp is easy to use, incredibly capable, and supported by an amazing team. Join us!

The Complete Solution


Software is only as good as the people that come with it. Our incredible team is always here to support our customers. Read our reviews to see why people love us.


Feature power doesn't have to come at the expense of ease-of-use. We work tirelessly to provide the best platform in the world, while keeping it simple to use.


Mindstamp is more affordable than comparable platforms because we believe everybody should have the power of interactive video.

Interactive Video Examples

See how Mindstamp is used to disrupt learning, marketing, sales, and more.