Add Clickable Buttons to Drive Viewer Action in Your Videos

Buttons are a highly visible and powerful way to prompt viewer action and increase engagement within your interactive videos. Mindstamp lets you add buttons with custom actions throughout your videos.

 Buttons can drive an endless range of use cases that make interactive videos more powerful than regular video alone.

Learn about some of the top uses of interactive video buttons below or scroll down to see all of the capabilities a button enables on Mindstamp.

Let Viewers Learn More About Your Product Or Service

Add ‘Learn More’ buttons that link to critical product detail pages, trigger the download of a white paper or open an infographic.

Encourage Viewers to Contact You or Schedule A Demo

Connect a Calendly or Hubspot Calendar to encourage viewers to schedule a meeting to learn more or receive a personalized demo.

Allow Viewers to Control Navigation with Video Branching

Provide quick access to specific sections of your video or switch to another video entirely to let viewers choose their own navigation path.

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