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Use Interactive Video as a Lead Generation Tool. Ask the viewer for their contact information before the video starts, at a specific time, or on a specific interaction.

For any company looking to increase its sales, lead generation plays a critical role in ensuring you’re talking to the right customers.

Traditional video content, while effective, doesn’t allow you to engage with your consumers as an interactive video would. You are restricted to the content provided in your video and aren't able to collect any information other than metrics such as views and completion rate. 

However, using interactive video as a lead generation tool allows you to take your video content to the next level by capturing valuable information about your viewers to be used for future targeted nurturing

Benefits of using interactive video to capture leads

  • Gather insight into where your viewers are in the sales funnel: While traditional videos only allow you to present information to your viewers, interactive videos give you better insight into the mind of the consumer by having them take part in the conversation, too. This can be through answering questions or clicking interactive elements to understand your users' wants and needs by way of their response. This way you’ll know exactly what they are looking for when you reach out to them as a sales prospect. 

  • Personalize the experience: Consumers respond best to marketing messages that cater to their needs and motivations. In fact, 72% of consumers say they only engage with personalized content. By capturing data within your videos you’re able to personalize the experience by displaying targeted messages throughout your video that increases viewer engagement and further enhances the relationship between you and your contacts

  • Connect with CRM data integrations like HubSpot or Salesforce:  By syncing the data you collect within your videos to your CRM platforms, you can create a more effective and targeted marketing strategy for future outreach opportunities.

How does Mindstamp’s interactive video platform work as a lead generation tool? 

An interactive video software like Mindstamp allows you to leverage your existing videos to be a great lead generation resource for your business. Not only can you promote your product/services/message in an engaging way, but now you can use it to understand your audience and convert them into life-long customers. 

Mindstamp offers a variety of features that allow you to collect key information on your audience, including:

  • Questions: Insert questions throughout your video to gather relevant information about your audience and gain a deeper insight into their personal preferences.

  • Viewer Info Capture: Collect valuable information such as viewer name, email, phone number, and more at the time of your choosing with the ‘Viewer Info Capture’ setting. Check out this article to learn more about setting up ‘Viewer Info Capture’ in your Mindstamp videos. 

  • Reporting: Mindstamp generates a report every time a video is watched and gathers metrics on the interactions each viewer has engaged with, such as what their responses to your questions were, or what other interactive elements they clicked. You can easily review your data through summaries and in-depth reports that will ultimately lead to more insightful decisions and the opportunity for more personalized experiences for your sales leads.

Key Takeaways

Interactive video offers consumers more insight into your company’s critical differentiators, key-value propositions, or new features and capabilities in a unique and engaging way. Not only that, but you also are able to gather crucial contact information from your videos so you can begin guiding your leads through the sales funnel as soon as possible. A more clear understanding of your consumers can only enhance the marketing experience for both your company and audience. 

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