HTML Modal

Use a modal within your video to display dynamic content to the viewer without making them leave the page

Seamlessly open content from other websites directly within your Mindstamp video experience. 

In today’s digital ecosystem, simplicity is everything. The quicker you can bridge the gap between your viewer and the desired endpoint (your website, checkout page, scheduler, etc) the better! By decreasing the amount of steps it takes to drive action (learn more, buy now, etc) you’re also decreasing the likelihood of your customer experiencing fatigue and not performing the action you want them to.

Use Mindstamp's “Open Modal” click action to make your videos a one-stop shop for each and every viewer. 

How does it work? 

Modal links are links to websites that open within your current video. By clicking on an interaction that opens a modal link, your viewer is able to browse and explore a separate link without ever leaving the core experience. Once they’re done, they can simply hit the “x” in the top right corner of the Modal to return to the autoplayed experience. 

Open Modal Use-Cases

Calendar Embedding  

Interested in setting an appointment with a potential buyer? Want to set a time for students to meet with you one-on-one? Whatever describes your specific use-case, there are tremendous benefits to allowing your viewing audience (or some of your viewing audience) to book a meeting with you directly in-video.

Set up a button, for instance, that says “Book Now!” and use the “Open Modal” action to pause the core content, pop up your Calendly or HubSpot calendar, allow viewers to book a timeslot, then automatically resume the core content once they exit. 

Shoppable Video 

How many times have you heard something like “link to the product in the description of this video!” or “visit our website to buy one for yourself!”? With Mindstamp, we allow you to bring the store to the customer - not make the customer search for the store. At any point in your video, add an interaction (Button, Hotspot, Image, etc) and select the “Open Modal” click action.

As soon as your viewer clicks on the interaction, the video will pause and your store will take the stage. Once they’re done shopping, they can close out of the pop-out experience and resume the original video. 

Pictured: Hiut Denim Co.

Collaborate like never before 

Have a company project coming up? Want to teach students about working together in a group? Collaboration is ultra simple with Mindstamps “Open Modal” action. By setting up a button, hotspot, image, etc. with the “Open Modal”  action, you’re able to link directly to a Google Docs page that viewers can either edit or view.

This way, students can take notes, add input, and create together in a simple button click, returning to content at their own pace. 

Get creative! The examples above only scratch the surface on what’s possible with interactive video - the real power of interactivity happens when you’re in the driver’s seat.

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