Choose-All Questions

Ask your viewers to choose all answers that apply during the interactive video question

Add a multi-select question through the Choose All That Apply question type.

How it works

When adding a question in your interactive video, select the question type “Choose All That Apply.” You can then add a prompt with an answer bank of up to five choices. Additionally, you can store your viewers results in a variable and use it for other interactions throughout the rest of your interactive video.

Once added to your video, your audience will see an elegant, interactive Select All that Apply question.

Common Implementation

Targeting Specific Audiences

When you use a Select All That Apply question in your video, you can store the results in a variable for later interactions. This is extremely powerful because based on a user’s choices, you can show content specific to their interests. For example, if you were creating a training course and you wanted to understand what topics your audience came to see, you could use a Select All That Apply question type to gauge which topics they were interested in.

For example, if you created a question asking your audience what they were interested in the most in the Cryptoeconomy, you can then use navigation and conditional logic to show them specific portions of your video addressing those topics or bring them to a different video entirely.

Traditional Q+A

Although Select All That Apply questions do not have a correctness associated with them, using variables and conditional logic, you can still create an experience for your audience based on their answers to your Select All That Apply questions. For example, if you have a question asking the viewer to select all the true statements, you can use conditional statements to display a message indicating that they answered the question correctly. This method allows you to add a quiz-like structure to your interactive video.

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