Video Clips

Add a "video in video" clip to create a dynamic step-out experience for your viewer

Record your thoughts and play them back throughout the video for your viewers.

Throughout your video, you might decide that additional content is needed to drive home your video. Through video clips, you can add additional recordings inside of your video straight from the Mindstamp editor. Add clarification, additional information, and your thoughts for a unique way to engage your audience.

Common Implementations

Additional Insight

Adding video clips inside of your interactive video can allow you, as the creator, to provide additional information and insight into a topic for your audience.

By adding an interaction that allows your viewers to watch an additional video demonstrating a topic can improve engagement and increase awareness of the content at hand.

Personal perspective

Video clips provide a way for you to provide your unique perspective on a particular topic. With video clips, you can create a recording through the Mindstamp editor and overlay it directly in your video.

This can be a self recording of you talking to the camera about your experience with the topic or a supplementary video embedded directly in your video. Either way, using video clips will enhance your audience's understanding of the video’s material.

Education and Testimonies 

At Mindstamp, we love collaboration. This is why we have a feature that allows your viewers to create interactions in videos that you have created. By enabling the ability to add interactions, you can encourage your audience to add video clips to your videos. This has many use cases including education and testimonies.

For example, if you have a course teaching a foreign language, you can encourage your audience to record themselves speaking in the language for practice. Additionally, you can capture your audience’s testimonies for a specific product or service. By capturing your audience's thoughts and experiences through video clips, you can dynamically improve your services, products, marketing campaigns and beyond!

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