Correct Answers

Make sure your viewer understands the material by measuring correctness through questions

How it Works

One of the most common interaction types added through Mindstamp are questions. There are various different question types that Mindstamp offers and one of the benefits of asking questions is the ability to track correctness. 

Once you have created a question in your video you can set the correct answer to your question. This gives you the ability to get a correctness score for every view on your videos. Correctness works for free response, multiple choice, and dropdown select question types. You can even have the question repeated until the viewer has answered correctly allowing them multiple attempts for the same question. 

Use Cases


Correctness provides you with the ability to “quiz” your audience providing a dynamic and interactive learning experience. By setting up questions with correct answers throughout your interactive video, you can create quiz-like videos that provide your audience with an engaging and fun way to learn the material. You can use correctness to track performance of your viewers or you can use correctness to ensure material is understood.

By forcing the question to be repeated until answered correctly, you can guarantee your audience understands your material before continuing in your video. Once a viewer has completed your video, you can see their results on your Mindstamp dashboard showing their participation and correctness. These results can even be synced with your CRM or LMS for lead generation, student tracking, and countless other use cases. 


When watching a video for a particular product or service, most people aren’t going to remember what they watched unless something exciting or interesting stands out to them. By using questions with correct answers attached you can engage with your audience in a way that encourages them to remember the key points of your product or service.

When they answer a question and see that they answered it correctly (or even incorrectly) that question will stand out to them creating an opportunity for your potential customers to remember your product.

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