Award completion certificates to viewers with dynamic, personalized information through Mindstamp!

Take advantage of Mindstamps in-house certificates to reward excellent employees, show course completion, and more, with ease! 

Printable certificates are an excellent way to assign recognition to a physical (or digital) item. They can also be used to easily assess whether or not a body of people has completed a specific course or training. Regardless of how you plan on using certificates - Mindstamp makes it easy. Continue reading to see how to configure and implement certificates directly through Mindstamp.

How does it work? 

Certificates, available on Core plans and above, are a bespoke service. To have a certificate created for you, simply send a message to help@mindstamp.io with the subject line “Certificate” and include the general design you wish the certificate to adopt (certificate designs must be provided by the user if different from our default design). Viewers who receive a certificate are able to both view and download it. An example of a certificate can be seen below: 

As far as personalization is concerned - Mindstamp has you covered! Our certificates are powered by variables, which will automatically pass in known information such as student name, date, etc. That means that as long as you capture a student's name in-video, the certificate will do all the work for you!

In-Video implementation 

Your custom certificate will be delivered to you via URL that you’ll be able to attach to an interaction in your Mindstamp video, using the “Open Link” click action. You could have a button that says “Get Certificate,” a PNG image of a gold star or award that opens the link upon click, interactive text that says “Claim your certificate here” and more. 

Pictured: Select the “Open Link” Click Action to add your certificate URL in-video

Pictured: “Get Certificate” button 

Pictured: A PNG image used to open the certificate link 

Finally, take a moment to review the following frequently asked questions about certificates: 

Question: How can I ensure that only students who watched all of the content will see the certificate call-to-action? 

Answer: To be sure that students watched the entirety of your content before earning a certificate, you’ll first want to disable the seekbar, to prevent jumping around the video, in your Design settings. See below:

Then, you’ll want to disable skipping on all questions, and select “Repeat until answered correctly” in the question configurator, as seen below: 

Pairing the hidden seekbar with “Repeat until answered correctly” questions will ensure that viewers have seen all of the required content prior to accessing the certificate call-to-action. 

Question: How can I ensure that a student answered a certain amount of questions correctly prior to being offered a certificate? 

Answer: You can make certificates available only to students who earned a certain score by using conditional logic. A students correctness score, or “cscore” as it’s known in Mindstamp, can be used as a variable to show certificates to learners who have achieved a certain minimum score. See below for an example of a “Get Certificate” button being used with conditional logic: 

In this example, a student must have earned a correctness score of at least 70% in order to be offered the certificate. Similar to the first frequently asked question, we also recommend turning off the seekbar for this type of assessment. 

Question: I only have a certain amount of certificates included in my plan. Is a certificate taken out of my total every time a viewer accesses/downloads one? 

Answer: No. Certificates are only taken from your total when we create a new certificate for you. So, you can have us create a certificate for “Lesson 1.6” that 50 people are supposed to view and download, and this will count as one certificate - not 50. 

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