Open images

Open images from within your interactive video experience to provide context, product diagrams, graphs, and more

Open images from any video in seconds using Mindstamp. Add product images, graphs, diagrams, and anything else your viewer might need.

Not only can you add images directly inside your video as an interactive feature, but you can also add them as a capability of other interactions. This means that from a button, text, or a hotspot, you can display images that will keep your audience engaged and entertained. 

Common implementations

Supplemental information

Using hotspots throughout your video, you can provide additional information to your viewers through the use of images. For example, if your video contains difficult topics for your audience to understand, you can apply a hotspot to a complex aspect of your video that shows a diagram that explains the material in more detail.

Or if you have a video showing your quarterly financial results, you can use a hotspot to show a more in-depth chart to drive home your key points.

Interesting insights

The flow of your video is a vital part of keeping your audience engaged in your content. By using buttons and hotspots to display an image to your viewers, you can maintain the flow of their interactive experience without losing their attention.

For example, if you are creating a video touring a new home that has just been placed on the market, you can add hotspots to display images that show images of a room with a different decoration style or at a different time of day. This will allow your audience to gain insight into different variations of the room if they are interested. 

Brand promotion

A powerful use case for using Mindstamp is the ability to create shoppable videos. Creating a video to showcase your product and services can be a great way to boost followers, subscriptions, and sales.

By using buttons, text, and hotspots with open image capabilities, you can create an interactive experience where viewers can discover your brand and learn more about your company or products.

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