Turn Viewers into Buyers with Interactive Video Marketing

Get the most from your video content by turning passive videos into engaging, interactive, ROI-producing experiences. 

Mindstamp helps you dramatically increase the impact from your video marketing.

Create personalized videos, interactive product tours and lead capture experiences that drive results.

Personalize video marketing

Personalize videos with viewer-specific notes, buttons and questions based on your existing CRM  contact records. Dynamically change the content and focus of your videos to match your viewer’s unique interests in a manner that maximizes excitement and engagement for every lead.

Create dynamic product tours

Use questions or self-selected video navigation to take viewers to the most relevant content about your product or service based on their interests, goals or objectives. Get viewers to the answers they want quickly and trigger an appropriate call-to-action to drive next steps.

Track Engagement and Drive CRM Workflows

Interactive Video maximizes training impact and improves retention by providing resources and measuring understanding at critical moments

Drive Immediate Action in the Video

As a marketer, you know it's critical to convert a prospect at the right moment. Adding buttons or hotspots to your video makes sure your viewer can take the desired action at the right time. Whether you want your viewer to buy your product, subscribe to your mailing list, download a white paper or sign up for a free trial, embedding that request directly in the video drives increased viewer engagement.

Capture Leads from Videos

Collect a Name, Email, and Phone Number from your viewers at the perfect time in your video, from when they first engage with content to a specific moment in time. Lead information can be directly synced through Mindstamp’s integrations to your CRM platform.

Collect feedback in your videos

Use questions, rating requests and free form responses to conduct marketing research, collect insight or gather feedback directly in your marketing videos. Viewers can provide text, voice or video responses that give you a deeper understanding of the objectives and interests of your prospects.

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