Make Any Portion of Your Video Clickable with Hotspots

From triggering dynamic viewer navigation to creating shoppable videos that increase sales, hotspots can turn any video into an interactive experience that excites and engages viewers.

Hotspots let you activate and drive a range of actions from any screen or item displayed in your video.

Learn about some of the top uses of interactive video hotspots below or scroll down to see all of the capabilities a hotspots enables on Mindstamp.

Create shoppable videos that turn viewers into buyers

Activate products featured in your video marketing and drive viewers to purchase by linking hotspots directly to your shopping cart checkout

Let viewers click directly on a product or service description to learn more

Connect product specifications, links to product or service detail pages, video clips or infographics to portions of your video to add context or details

Create engaging video branching experiences 

Enable viewers to follow their own, dynamic navigation experience by choosing how to progress within the video based on activating different portions of the screen

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