Enhance Learner Engagement and Retention with Interactive Video

Make sure your learners are watching your video content, comprehending the topics based on in-video questions, and accessing incremental materials where appropriate.

Interactive video makes remote learning and after school learning more efficient and effective by increasing student engagement and comprehension.

Track your student’s views, verify comprehension and question correctness, ensure participation with materials and aggregate reporting with Mindstamp interactive video.

Add Charts, Infographics and Link to Resources

Video is an exceptionally powerful teaching tool, but sometimes you need to link to additional images, infographics, charts or external websites to provide students with additional material, deeper dives into topics or opportunities to research content more fully. Adding links and images is simple, including the ability to pause the video until the viewer clicks on the asset to verify use.

Verify Participation and Completion

Mindstamp’s detailed reporting includes per student view metrics like completion percentage, second-by-second viewer analytics, correctness scoring and tracking of all interactions and clicks on each video.

Ask Comprehension Questions

By adding interactive questions throughout your video learning content you can check viewer comprehension at the exact right time, replay topics that the student hasn’t fully comprehended or direct students to incremental content based on interests or needs. Mindstamp questions include multiple choice, free response, choose all that apply, number response, drawing response and voice and video response. 

Use Drawings to Grab Attention

Pause the video and add drawings to draw student attention to specific assets in your video content, add personalization to existing published materials or simply hide some easter eggs in the video for a bit of fun.

Export Student Reports

Mindstamp makes it simple to export all data from each student with a single click so you can track results over time, integrate viewing information with other scoring tools or aggregate student responses to evaluate next lessons.

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