Draw, highlight, and annotate any video in seconds. Use our drawing tools to drive viewer attention to specific parts of the video and ensure comprehension.

Add Drawings, Labels, and Highlights To Your Videos

Drawing helps you capture attention, label key parts, and add context throughout your video. You can also ask viewers to draw.

How it works

In the Mindstamp Editor, you can choose to add a drawing interaction to any point in your video to draw attention to a specific detail, emphasize content, or engage your audience to participate in their interactive experience. While adding interactions to your video, select the Add Drawing interaction on the bottom left of your video.

Once selected, you can add text, lines, pointers, circles, arrows, and even free drawings. Once you have added your drawings to the video, they will be played back for your audience at the time when you created the drawing. You can even change colors and labels to specific drawings in seconds. 

Common Implementations

Emphasizing Content

With Mindstamp’s drawing feature, you can ensure that information doesn’t get missed by your views by drawing attention to a specific point in your video. By using circles and arrows, you can emphasize images, charts, definitions, and many more with ease. No longer will subtle content go unnoticed. By pausing the video for your drawing you are encouraging understanding of your video and engagement from your audience. 

Interacting with your audience

The drawing feature isn’t limited to just the creator of a video. By allowing your viewers to add interactions to your videos, you can encourage them to add annotations directly in your video. For example, as an instructor, you might want to encourage your students to indicate topics that they found difficult, interesting, or confusing. By using the drawing interaction, your students can circle, highlight, or point to the content they want to draw other’s attention too. This adds another level of interactivity to your videos. By engaging your audience to add to your video you are going to keep them captivated in your content longer. 

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