Mindstamp Interactive Video API

Mindstamp offer a RESTful API to access your interactive video data.


What can the API do?

Pull View Data
Retrieve views across your account or for specific videos, including data such as completion progress, interaction count, score, location, and more.
Retrieve Interaction Data
Get recent interactions across your videos or filter by video or viewer. See how people are answering your questions and use their responses in other services.
Analyze Viewer Data
Pull and analyze all activity for a single viewer. Query by name, email, custom id, and more to narrow down your audience engagement analysis efforts.
Create Personalized Links
Create a custom link for a specific viewer that includes personalization information, access control, and more. Personalized links are amazing for dynamic experiences.

How does it work?

The Mindstamp API is currently available to Enterprise customers. To get started, contact our team for an API key and access to documentation.