Turn Viewers Into Buyers with Interactive Videos that Drive Sales Results

Create interactive shoppable videos, product discovery videos and lead capture videos that engage every prospect and convert interest into sales and action.

Shoppable videos, personalized selling videos and interactive videos that capture lead information at the exact right time will super-charge your video sales results.

Get the most from your video content by turning passive viewing experiences into engaging, interactive, ROI-producing sales assets.

Sell products

Activate any product in your video with clickable hotspots to create shoppable videos that convert. Link directly to a shopping cart / checkout page or provide more information about product specifications including with infographics or custom HTML pages.

Capture Leads

Collect a Name, Email, and Phone Number from your viewers at the perfect moment in the video, from right before the content plays to based on a specific moment or interaction in the video. Integrate that lead information directly into your CRM platform like Salesforce or Hubspot to drive sales outreach our automated marketing communications.

Create Dynamic and Personalized Viewing Experiences

Leverage everything you know or learn about your viewer to deliver a dynamic video watching experience that matches the content you present to their personal interests or goals. Video branching can easily take interested viewers to the topic most likely to drive a conversion and interactive video personalization lets you display content including text, questions, buttons, images and more that is unique to the specific viewer.

Drive Actions

Convert prospects at the best possible moment in your video experience. Add buttons, hotspots or links to make sure your viewers have access to the right information or next step to make a purchase decision. If it’s not time to close on the sale, integrate contact, demo request or newsletter calls-to-action throughout your video to drive the next best action at the perfect moment.

Collect Feedback

Use questions and collect responses in text, voice or video that drive a deeper understanding of any prospects’ objectives or interests to guide follow-on marketing communications or sales outreach.

Ask Discovery Questions

Learn more about your viewers, including about their interests, buying intent, feature requests, solution needs and timeline by asking contextual questions during the video. Provide contextual and real time responses and generate conditional discovery questions based on how viewers respond.

Track, Export, Improve

All Mindstamp views, including viewers information, are tracked for summary reporting and available for export to encourage deeper analysis. All Mindstamp data can be automatically synced into the CRM platform of your choice including Hubspot, Salesforce, Constant Contact or any platform that integrates with Segment or Zapier. Use Mindstamp data to drive next best sales actions at the precise moment to close.

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