Ask Interactive Questions in Your Videos

Ask your viewer questions that pause the video and solicit a response. Prompt action or tailor the experience based on the response. Analyze viewer answers and overall summaries in your dashboard.

Seamlessly create and insert relevant questions into your video with Artificial Intelligence

Elevate your videos with our AI Question Builder, a powerful new feature designed to streamline the creation of interactive quizzes. By analyzing the video’s transcript, our AI Question Builder automatically generates relevant questions to expedite the question-making process.

Generate Questions

Start adding a question interaction like you normally would, select the AI Question Builder option, choose how many questions you want, and let the AI handle the rest.

Customize to Your Needs

Review the suggested questions and answers for accuracy, tweak them to your preference, and save. Your video now hosts a built-in quiz tailored specifically to your content.

Enhance Viewer Engagement

Transform any video into a dynamic learning tool. This feature is perfect for training and education, significantly enhancing the value and effectiveness of your videos in just a few clicks.

Break through the barriers of traditional video by prompting viewers with a wide array of different response types. 

Ready for your videos to do the prequalification for you? Tired of training and education material that doesn’t inspire and adequately prepare learners? Continue on to see how Mindstamp is the solution you’ve been looking for.  

Engage your viewer throughout the video

The reality is, the video that your student, employee, or client are watching won’t be the first one they’ve seen. Stand out and create a memorable experience by shaking up the norm and making your viewer an active part of the content. 

Capture, view, and export valuable data directly in-app 

Not sure how to turn your standard video into a proper quiz or training course? Wish you knew exactly what your clients are interested in during runtime? Let Mindstamp do the hard work for you and enjoy easy-as-ever analytics from the comfort of your dashboard.

Create powerful branching experiences and move viewers to different places based on their answer

Traditionally, one piece of video is made to fit all members of an audience. But all members of an audience are uniquely different and have different needs. Custom tailor each experience to the end-user that’s intended to see it. You’ll never look at multiple choice the same way again.  

What configuration options do Questions allow?

Allow or Disallow Skipping
Choose whether a viewer can skip a question or must answer it to continue
Repeat Until Correct
Ensure understanding by requiring a correct answer to continue or complete an experience.
Hide Navigation Controls
Hide the seekbar to prevent viewers from skipping ahead or being deterred by video length
Conditional Logic
Show certain questions to certain viewers, based on what you already know about them or their previous actions in the video.
Time Limit
Set a time limit for a question to force the viewer to act quickly
Read Aloud Accessibility
Read questions aloud for accessibility support

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