Free Response Questions

Ask free-response questions from your videos and let viewers respond with the answers of their choosing to understand their unique needs and expectations.

In a world full of static content, be the organization that engages your audience on a more personal level. With 63% of consumers expecting businesses to know their unique needs and expectations, it’s time that businesses listen to their customers. Here’s how...

Mindstamp is an interactive video platform that allows users to gather genuine feedback and responses from viewers by integrating free-response questions into existing video content. Adding this level of interactivity into an already engaging piece of content will further increase your video's ability to boost engagement, drive actions, and collect valuable information from your viewers. 

What’s the value of free-response questions?

1. Receive more detailed, subjective responses: With free-response questions, you can receive feedback in your customer's own words instead of limited generic answer options from dropdowns. Respondents can explain themselves and provide as much detail as they want, leading to less ambiguous answers.

2. Gather real customer insights: Identify new information and honest opinions you hadn't thought to ask. With free responses, you can see beyond the numbers to understand your customers as individuals to reach brand new information and consumer insights that can be used to transform your brand. 

3. Enhance customer satisfaction: With the feedback provided by viewers, companies can improve their product/service or the overall customer experience. This can lead to higher revenue and more loyal customers. Furthermore, by asking customers for their opinions about your company's products and performance, you indicate that you are ready to listen to them and value their opinions.

How can I use free-response questions within my video?


  • Use open-ended questions to help better understand the ideas, feelings, emotions, and opinions of contacts With interactive video, you can integrate these questions throughout your product videos for real-time feedback. Thus enabling you to conduct effective and impactful market research quickly.
  • Example question: How does our product help you achieve your goals?
  • [Mindstamp video example]


  • With online training videos, it can be hard to know how much information your trainees have retained. Interactive video allows you to check in with your viewers at different points throughout your training video using free-response questions to gather personalized feedback. Use this information to understand where your trainees need additional support and how your training videos can be improved. 
  • Example question: How do you plan to use what you learned?
  • [Mindstamp video example]


  • Whether your sales prospects are just starting their buying journey or close to purchasing, it’s never too late to gather more information. Interactive video allows you to dive deeper into the minds of your potential customers and gear future messaging towards their goals. Ask free-response questions that will get them thinking about what they want, but also give you insight into how your business can help. 
  • Example: What are your top business priorities right now?
  • [Mindstamp video example]

Key Takeaways

Integrating free-response questions into your video content is a great way to increase engagement and easily collect detailed answers from your consumers. These answers not only give you further insight into your company’s audience but help you shape a successful strategy moving forward.

Learn more about how to add free-response questions to your videos with Mindstamp’s interactive video platform, or sign up for your free trial to start gathering valuable feedback from your viewers today!

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