Make your interactive video content match your brand via color, text, design, and more!

Mindstamp offers a suite of customization tools that allow you to color match, boost brand recognition, and more! 

So - you’ve just created an unforgettable interactive video and you’re ready to send it to your audience. Before you hit “Share,” remember to customize your video and make it your own! By utilizing Mindstamps comprehensive design settings, you can make your content reflective of your brand, school, team, and more. Have a look at some of the many ways you can use the design settings to fine tune your interactive videos appearance. 

Colormatch down to the code

With Mindstamps thoughtful design settings, you’re able to perfectly capture the color of your brand, school, team, etc. in-video. Keping video content consistent with your other communications or material is a must if you’re serious about making a good first impression with students or clients! You can customize the color of almost anything platform-wide including buttons, hotspots, question answer bubbles, comments, text, and more. 

Custom Fonts

Does your organization have a proprietary or preferred font that’s used in communications? Not only does Mindstamp offer dozens of baked-in fonts to choose from, you can also upload your very own custom font (Core tier and above). Make your videos an extension of your ecosystem by making the text appear the exact same way it does on your other systems! 

Custom URLs 

Personalization and brand recognition doesn’t just take place within the video itself - the link you send matters, too! At Mindstamp, we provide you with a share link like the one below:

However, at the Core and Enterprise tiers, you can apply personalization to your share link with custom URLs (Core) and custom Domains (Enterprise). This allows you to fine tune your share link and include information like company name and video title. Take a look below to see an example of custom URLs, and custom Domains:

Mindstamp Link with Personalized URL (Core):

Mindstamp Link with Custom Domain (Enterprise):

Additional Personalization

In addition to all the aforementioned brand matching, you can also configure the video’s thumbnail and play button to create a unique, personalized feel! 

Finally, add your brand's logo to be shown throughout the video or next to comment bubbles! 

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