Add a Call-To-Action to your Videos

Mindstamp’s call-to-action (CTA) provides visual or auditory cues that encourage your audience to take a desired action. Whether it’s subscribing to a mailing list, taking the viewer to your website, or providing downloadable content the CTA will reassure immediate action from your viewers.

Why use a CTA?

Without a call to action, your viewers will be left wondering what their next step is to connect with you and your business. Providing them with a clear message prompts the viewer to take immediate action and drives them to stay connected.

Increased Engagement

Whether you are using Mindstamp for sales, marketing, or education, a proper CTA is an essential tool to boost engagement with your viewers. The CTA is your last chance to engage with your audience. By providing an attractive and exciting CTA, you can retain viewers by having them watch another video, sending an email requesting more information, linking them to your website and many other options.

Providing Next Steps

Once your viewers have completed your interactive video, they may be left in the dark about where to go next. Through a CTA, you can prompt the viewer to explore other products, subscribe to your content, or to view other resources that you have made available. No longer will the viewer be left with unclear next steps. By setting clear expectations you can engage with your audience in ways traditional videos do not allow.

Measure Content Effectiveness

You have a goal for the video. The CTA tracks all clicks and helps you understand if your content is working and how to improve it.

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