Break the barrier between video and viewer through Interactive Drawings

Draw and highlight on any video. Circle or point to specific items to make sure a viewer is paying attention. Use our robust drawing toolset to get creative.

Interactive drawing allows you to overlay interactive shapes, text, and more into your video using a suite of drawing tools.  

Continue reading to see some of the ways Mindstamp users are engaging their audiences with interactive images. You can also check out a help video to see it in action! 

Call attention to on-screen material and ensure the viewer sees or acknowledges it before the content continues

Whether you’re creating for education, marketing, or corporate training - there’s bound to be information that you’d consider “mission critical.” How do you ensure your viewer is paying proper attention to what’s on-screen when these items appear? With interactive drawing, you can draw attention to important elements, then automatically pause the video until your viewer interacts with it (or for a preset amount of time!). 

Quickly and easily add additional context or make changes to existing media assets. 

Have some content with outdated information? Want to remind students that the upcoming material will be on the test? Use drawing tools to add last minute input instead of recreating content from scratch!  

Let your audience get involved with drawing tools of their very own! 

You aren’t the only one who can add drawings to your Mindstamp videos - you can enable drawing tools for viewers, too! By providing viewers with the ability to draw on-screen, you can receive valuable feedback, create gamified content, and much more. You can even enable Group visibility, which allows team members to view one anothers drawings. The opportunities are endless. 

Where can I use interactive drawing?

Use the drawing tool to highlight or place emphasis on an on-screen product. Pause the video for a preset amount of time so that users are exposed to promotional material for a longer amount of time.
Enable viewer participation so that your audience has drawing tools of their very own! Create a gamified video experience for clients, or enable your clients to share visual feedback through drawing.
Corporate Training
Ensure understanding and engagement by highlighting on-screen elements. Make sure that critical content is being understood and recognized, not just watched.
Add important in-video hints or reminders for learners to digest. Increase learner engagement by having them circle and highlight items on their own.

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