Add Navigable and Searchable Chapters to Videos

Mindstamp Chapters make it easy to divide and highlight specific moments or sections of your video with a simple to navigate, search or link to table of contents that makes video content discovery a breeze.

Let your viewers discover and navigate your content with ease

Learn about some of the top uses of Mindstamp Chapters and different options for configuration and display of chapters on your interactive video.

Assist Viewers with Simple Chapter Navigation

Chapters can display in the timeline of a video as small markers that include a time and description, they can be presented in a searchable video guide that can be activated from the video at any time, or they can be ‘pinned’ on the video as a permanent Table of Contents.

Break Longer Videos Into Sections

Longer videos can lose viewer attention, but with Mindstamp Chapters you can break the content into logical sections. By using Mindstamp’s ‘start at’ controls, you can jump viewers to a specific chapter when they first start viewing a video or navigate them dynamically to a chapter using Change Time.

Include Chapter Videos in Searchable Series

Mindstamp videos that have chapters enabled and are included in a Video Series will be indexed for searching such that a single search box can search across the content from multiple related videos, taking your viewer to the precise topic or content that is most valuable and relevant.

Annotate Webinars to Deliver Continued Value

Long recorded webinars can have an amazing depth of content in them, but it’s often buried deep within the video itself. By adding chapters to a recorded webinar after the fact you can increase the chances that viewers will come back to the topic or content that most interested them or discover that content if they couldn’t attend real time.

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