Bring Intelligence to Every Video

Genie AI brings custom-trained artificial intelligence to every video. Ask questions, get valuable answers.

Turn Any Video Into a Conversation

Genie AI allows viewers to ask questions directly within the video and receive immediate, detailed answers, complete with timestamp links to relevant portions of the video. Elevate your video from passive viewing to an active conversation with Genie AI.

Interactive Q&A

Allow your audience to engage with your content in a dynamic new way. Viewers can ask questions at any point during the video and Genie AI provides precise answers derived from the video itself, enhancing understanding and retention.

Custom-Configured Intelligence

Increase the depth of Genie's knowledge by adding additional content into the AI configuration. This feature ensures that Genie remains up-to-date with the latest information relevant to your video, without needing to modify the original video content.

Simple Setup

Step 1: Create a Transcript
For new videos, select "Create Searchable Transcript" when uploading. For existing videos, access the Transcript tab and select "Transcribe Now.

Step 2: Add a Genie Interaction
Enable Genie AI in your video to start offering interactive Q&A sessions.

Step 3: Provide Additional Information
Enhance Genie’s understanding by adding more specific data and information related to the video content.

Try Live Demo

See Genie AI in action in the video below. Ask it any question about the new Apple Vision Pro!

Your In-Video AI Assistant

Enhanced Viewer Engagement
Turn every video into a two-way conversation that not only keeps your viewers engaged but also informed.
Easily Updated
Easily update the underlying knowledge base of Genie without altering your original video, keeping the interactive elements current.
Simple to Use
Making your video content more accessible and easier to understand enhances user satisfaction and increases the likelihood of viewer retention.

Take your videos to the next level in seconds