Add Interactive Media to Any Video

By overlaying audio or video clips onto your interactive experience, you’re able to quickly convey important information, offer deeper assistance for struggling students/employees, and much more! 

The “Add Media” interaction allows you to upload or record video and audio and apply it directly into the original content. 

Continue reading to see how Mindstamp users are utilizing this functionality to create more productive learning environments, more effective sales content, and more versatile training content. 

Record instruction, clarification, or explanations in-app 

Use the “Add Media” interaction to communicate with viewers about the content they’re experiencing on-screen. This could be an instructor explaining a complicated concept via pop-out video clip, a “host” explaining a new promotion to a potential customer, or a teacher pronouncing a word in a language learning video. 

Narrate your viewers adventure

Creating a “Choose your story” branching experience? Take it one step further by adding voice clips that carry your viewer through their digital adventure. Does your video content have a lot of on-screen text? Provide the option to have it read by a narrator! 

Go the extra mile for employees or students who need more help

Use “Add Media” with conditional logic to show video or audio clips to specific users. If a student or trainee struggles with correctly answering a question, automatically display a video-in-video clip of the instructor explaining or performing the task at hand. This is a must have if you’re working with visual learners! 

Best part of all?
Video and Audio content can be recorded on the spot!

That means we’re “last minute” friendly and allow you to make finishing touches or frequent content-updates with ease. Sign up for Mindstamp and add media to your interactive experience today!