Easily Overlay Comments on Any Video

Whether you’re drawing attention to a specific moment in a video or providing feedback on video content, Mindstamp Comments are the easiest way to add your thoughts, clarifications and inspirations to any video.

Comments are intentionally simple and quick to add but also easily configurable to match to your specific interactive video needs.

Learn about some of the top uses of interactive video comments below.

Provide Additional Information

Add personal thoughts, notes or explanations throughout a video. Just start typing to expand on the content or call attention to a specific section.

Instruct the Viewer

Prepare your viewer for action or tell them what to pay attention to in a video with a quick comment that catches their attention and draws them back into the video content.

Create Navigation Aids

Highlight what’s coming next in a video, prepare the viewer for what to focus on or include comments in the video guide to create a searchable, clear-text description of video content that can live alongside chapters and transcripts.

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