Interactive Branching Safety Training

The Dräger Safety interactive video showcases several hydrogen early warning detection solutions in one video, allowing viewers to easily navigate between solutions and ‘deep dive’ to learn more about specific technologies.

This way viewers don’t have to watch several different videos and, thanks to branching in the video, they can choose which parts of the video they want to watch.

Additionally, interactive hotspots in the video allow the viewer to access external resources directly from the video, including visiting websites, downloading technical documents and viewing additional videos. The ‘Contact Dräger’ button makes it easy for the viewer to get in touch with Dräger Safety directly from the video.

Callaghan Consulting Solutions partnered with Archetype Agency and the team in Munich, Germany to bring the Dräger experience to life on the Mindstamp platform and won a Platinum Award from the AVA Digital Awards for this experience!

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