Salesforce Interactive Video Integration

Mindstamp directly integrates with your Salesforce CRM platform, delivering powerful insight about interactive video views and interactions directly into your CRM data and processes.

How does it work?

Whether you are using Salesforce for outbound marketing and lead generation, sales opportunity tracking, account management or service delivery, Mindstamp’s interactive video can be a critical step in communicating, engaging, activating or onboarding your prospects and customers.

With Mindstamp’s Salesforce integration, you can:

Sync View Data
Identify existing leads or contacts in Salesforce, track them through into the Mindstamp interactive video whether you share it directly, via email or within a landing page, and then synchronize all view and interaction data directly back into Salesforce.
Automate Marketing
Drive marketing processes based on how your viewers interact with the Mindstamp video, including what they clicked on, how they navigated, how they answered questions, etc.
Assign Tasks
Assign tasks to sales team members to follow-up with deeply engaged or high interest / high value viewers based on their engagement with your interactive videos.
Qualify Leads
Determine which of your leads are high value and directly trigger lead scoring responses based on specific interactions.
Track Activity
Track account or customer onboarding activity through product demonstrations or self-guided interactive video tutorials.
Create Reports
Create custom reports based on Mindstamp view and interaction data directly in your Salesforce dashboards.
Capture Leads
Create new leads or contacts directly within Salesforce if you’re using Mindstamp’s powerful lead and viewer info capture functionality.
Use Custom Objects
Synchronize Mindstamp view and interaction details with a custom contact object outside of the native Salesforce lead or contact records if you’re using a third party plug-in such as Teachable for Student records or similar.

Sounds great! How can I start?

Configurating the Mindstamp integration with Salesforce is simple, but the general integration includes:

- A configurable Salesforce application that you can install in your sandbox or production environment

- Options for how you want to synchronize Mindstamp including creation or assignment to leads, contacts or custom objects

- The ability, within Mindstamp, to determine which specific videos connect back to your Salesforce platform

Mindstamp offers full service setup for your Salesforce environment and will work closely with you if you have custom Salesforce configuration needs to ensure the results achieve your interactive video objective.