Boost engagement by adding interactive images to your video

Whether you’re using Mindstamp for education, training, sales, or marketing, interactive images are an excellent way to get and keep viewer attention. Plus, with their drag-and-drop simplicity, anyone in your organization can use them to maximize runtime.

Interactive images allow you to take your static jpeg or png files, and apply a range of ‘actions’ to them when clicked.

Continue reading to explore some of the top ways our users are making a difference with interactive images. You can also watch a video walkthrough to learn more! 

Put your viewers in the driver's seat and let them explore what they’re interested in with interactive image branching

Immerse viewers and extend view time by enabling your audience to “build their own experience” with interactive images. As soon as they click on an image that interests them, the video will route them accordingly.  

Simplify video tutorials and supercharge e-learning materials

Allow viewers to click on images to learn more about what's pictured. This can be in the form of pop-out video clips, on-demand audio clips, or free text. 

Enhance productivity with in-video calls to action

Use interactive images to accomplish tasks in video. This could be an image of a calendar that allows viewers to RSVP, an image of a phone that starts a call to customer care, an image of ingredients that displays pop-out measurement instructions, and so much more. 

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