Interactive Video Menus: Delivering Magic at All Times

In March 2023, Mindstamp announced our ‘Automated Resource Tray’ feature, which allowed you to create a beautifully formatted, multi-function collection of interactions for your video.

From buttons to launch a contact or demo form and images linking to critical stats or graphics to collections of relevant files that are ready for download, the Resource Tray provides a critical anchor for every interactive video.

Since March, we’ve made some dramatic enhancements to the design and usability of the Resource Tray and rebranded it to ‘Magic Menu’. Each element in the Magic Menu can carry its own design, including icons to indicate action. Magic Menus can include titles and footer text that wraps the controls and guides action.

The introduction of our new navigation elements for Previous Video and Next Video which retain dynamic knowledge of the path of your viewer can provide personalized navigation and guidance across a collection of related videos.

With all of these enhancements, it’s….we’ll say it….almost negligent NOT to include a Magic Menu in all of your videos!

If your focus is on lead capture, your Magic Menu can encourage requests for demos, the ability to schedule with calendar tools like Hubspot or Calendly, or a direct link to start a trial of your product or service.

If your focus is on learning, your Magic Menu can encourage questions that are immediately sent to your instructors, provide links to enhanced materials and drive viewers to continue to navigate through your content or embed links to other modules within your learning management system

If your focus is on video monetization, you can combine the Magic Menu with your ‘premium’ content and Mindstamp’s Video Paywall feature such that a viewer can elect to jump to your monetized video content at any time, pay you and start watching. Money in your bank.

Finally - in a future blog post, we’re going to be talking about a new AI interactive video feature called Genie. You can see a hint about it in the video above. We won’t spoil the fun here, but if you’d like an early demo just give us a ping.

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