Interactive Paywall Videos: Sell Videos Online with Mindstamp

Monday, May 8, 2023

The old adage that you get what you pay for has never been more true when it comes to high quality video content and subject matter expertise on the internet.

Nearly everyone has a deeply unique skill or expertise that sets them apart from the crowd, and increasingly individual content creators are eager to receive fair compensation for sharing their specific talent and knowledge. 

The reality is crossing the YouTube Partner Program monetization policy threshold is not reasonable for the vast majority of content creators. Depending on your topic, the size of your audience might be narrow, and building a large audience for broader topics has never been more challenging.

Further, creator platforms like Patreon require you to have a pre-existing and dedicated fan base to monetize your content, and force you into a never-ending cycle of creating new content to keep them interested.

This is where Mindstamp’s new ‘Pay Per View’ or ‘Video Paywall’ Stripe integration comes in.

This exciting feature allows video owners to monetize and sell their Mindstamp interactive videos and complete video series to viewers for their desired price. With this new integration, creators can add a paywall at any point in the video, requiring viewers to pay to start or continue watching (once you’ve set the hook).

Here are the top 10 types of videos that can be sold on Mindstamp's platform:

  1. Educational videos - such as online courses and tutorials
  2. Fitness videos - such as workout routines and yoga classes
  3. Cooking videos - such as recipe demonstrations and cooking classes
  4. Music videos - such as live performances and music lessons
  5. Language learning videos - such as language courses and pronunciation guides
  6. Travel videos - such as guided tours and travel vlogs
  7. Business and entrepreneurship videos - such as webinars and startup advice
  8. Personal development videos - such as coaching sessions and self-help videos
  9. Sports videos - such as game highlights and training sessions
  10. Entertainment videos - such as stand-up comedy and movie screenings

Monetizing video content has many benefits for creators and businesses. Here are some ways that monetizing your videos can help grow your company, brand, or personal side projects:

  • Generate a new revenue stream - by selling your videos, you can earn money directly from your content, rather than relying on ads or sponsorships.
  • Increase engagement - by adding interactive elements to your videos, such as quizzes and clickable links, you can keep viewers engaged and interested in your content, and then transition them into a paying customer at just the right time.
  • Build brand loyalty - by providing valuable content that viewers are willing to pay for, you can build a loyal audience that is more likely to engage with your brand and share your content.
  • Expand your reach - by offering your videos for sale, you can reach new audiences who may be willing to pay for your content, even if they haven't discovered you through other channels.
  • Create a sustainable business model - by monetizing your content, you can create a sustainable business model that allows you to continue creating and providing valuable content to your audience.

Mindstamp's new PayPer Video Stripe integration offers video creators and businesses a powerful tool for monetizing their content via a Paywall.

If you're a video creator or business owner looking to monetize your content, get started with Mindstamp today or schedule a free, personalized demo to learn more about how Mindstamp’s Paywall videos can work for you and your business.

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