Integrating Mindstamp Actions with HubSpot Features

Thursday, April 14, 2022

If you’re a HubSpot user, you know how powerful it is to see exactly how your viewers have interacted with your marketing content in the simple Activity Feed view for a contact. With one click, you can see what Ad brought them to your website, which emails they opened and if they clicked around on your landing pages.

Mindstamp takes the power of HubSpot to the next level by fully integrating viewer events from your Interactive Videos into the HubSpot Activity Feed. With a single click you can connect your HubSpot account to Mindstamp in the Integrations tab of any video. You can then select what types of records you want synced to HubSpot, including:

View Reports

Summary data on your viewers including when they viewed your interactive video, what percentage of the video they actually watched, how many interactions they engaged with and participation and correctness scores if you have questions.

Button and Hotspots Clicks

This will populate the activity feed with explicit details on which buttons or hotspots your viewers clicked on, when they clicked them and the resulting interactive action that was triggered.

Question Responses

you can capture all your viewers responses to trigger the next best marketing communication based on their interest, response or need.

Mindstamp can also map specific interactive elements or events to custom HubSpot properties to update Contact or Company records with values captured or behavior completed by your interactive video viewers.

Each of the results in these Activity Feed records is a distinct value that you can use to trigger HubSpot list creation and therefore workflow enrollment within HubSpot. Meaning you can decide to follow up with a specific set of email content to a viewer based on what they did in your interactive video. For instance, if your viewer clicked on hotspot in your product demo for a specific feature, you can trigger follow-on information to be sent to that viewer to provide more context or detail on the feature that interested them most.

Mindstamp can also integrate its interactive videos directly into your HubSpot landing pages, and those videos can leverage any data you know about your contacts into your interactive videos for personalization. For instance, if you know when your contacts last purchased from your business, you can use that in Mindstamp interactive elements, including buttons, labels, images and questions.

To learn more about HubSpot integration or arrange a free demo, contact us.

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