How to Add Click-to-Call to Your Videos

October 20, 2020

If video is a core part of your marketing and lead capture strategy, it’s critical to convert the customer at the moment of their peak interest. This is often before they finish your video or move on to other distractions. And even in the shortest piece of video content, the key messages or the most compelling argument might be delivered at any moment depending on your audience. Enabling the next best action at that exact time can be the difference between a new lead and a wasted view.

Simple click-to-call Button

One of the easiest ways to augment any video is to use Mindstamp Buttons, Hotspots and Images to draw a viewer’s attention and drive action from any area of the video. With all of those features, you can start as simple as ‘Call Me Now’ that launches a pre-designated phone number when viewers interact with your video on a mobile device, or you could send viewers to a calendar scheduling app or lead capture form.

Using an image as a clickable button set to call

With Mindstamp Buttons, you can choose to temporarily or permanently add a branded button to your video with call-to-action text. If you want to go beyond text, you can overlay a more designed ‘Call Now’ image of your creation that achieves the same.

Hotspots. Tapping any of the three glowing circles will start a call.

Beyond buttons and images though, one of the most powerful click-to-call tools is Mindstamp hotspots. Your video is divided into a 3x3 grid where you can turn any section of the video into a clickable component that either carries a label, or simply animates to draw customer attention and encourage interaction. Hotspots can be active for a defined period while the video runs, or pause the video entirely for 5 seconds.

For instance, in the video below, the entire top third is activated to create clicks….but if you click you’ll dial the US House of Representatives Switchboard Operator, so be ready to talk politics!

And of course you aren’t limited to just one interaction. On Mindstamp you can create any number of button, image or hotspot combinations designed to test what works best to turn viewers into leads. In all cases, Mindstamp creates detailed play reports for your videos, showing how long your viewers are watching, where they drop off, and if they’re responding.

Reporting available on Mindstamp

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