Using Hotspots in eCommerce Product Videos to Boost Sales

March 29, 2022

As technology advances, your eCommerce business strategy has to adapt alongside it. eCommerce allows your business to reach customers anywhere at any time, but it’s important to create a personal connection that makes your customers feel like more than just a number. 84% of customers say that being treated like a person and not just a number is key to winning their business. A powerful way to rise above your competition, and offer your customers the personalization they crave, is to add hotspots to your product videos. Hotspot videos create an interactive video experience that drives action, benefitting both you and your customers.

A hotspot is an interactive video feature that turns any part of your product videos interactive, which in turn keeps your viewers engaged. Hotspot videos allow you to call attention to a certain object or image in your video by making the area clickable to drive viewers to the desired goal. When creating hotspots, you can choose from various click actions, which include directing your viewer to another link or making a message or image popup when clicked. It only takes seconds to create a hotspot video and can be customized to align with your company’s branding using Mindstamp’s interactive video platform

Hotspots are a powerful tool for eCommerce product videos

Adding hotspots to your product videos not only brings your videos to life with interactivity but also allows your eCommerce video to gather tangible results and showcase your products in an eye-catching way.

Hotspot videos drive higher ROI

91% of customers say that they want to buy from companies that have offers and promotions relevant to their interests. By creating a hotspot video, you are able to display additional information about your products, while collecting valuable information from your viewer based on their interactions with your hotspots. You can then use the information gathered to create additional personalized content based on their interests. The more your products align with your customer’s needs and interests, the more likely they are to keep watching your product videos to learn more and complete your video’s desired action (to purchase the said product).

Hotspot videos nurture leads down the sales funnel

Wherever your customer is in the buying process, hotspot videos can help nurture interested contacts down the sales funnel by simplifying the process and making it easy for them to take the next desired action.

If your customer is in the awareness stage (someone just learning about your brand), clicking on a hotspot can lead to a page where they can learn more about your products.

In the interest stage (someone who is interested in your product, but not ready to purchase), hotspot videos can help you gather more data about your customer’s interests in the form of multiple product hotspots at the same time and seeing which one they pick. The data collected based on hotspot interactions can be integrated into your CRM for future segmentation and nurturing opportunities.

In the decision state (someone who is ready and eager to purchase your product), adding a CTA in the form of a hotspot, like clickable videos, can guide your viewer to a landing page with more information about how to purchase, which ultimately brings them closer to purchasing your product.

Lastly, viewing a hotspot video as a customer in the action stage can seal the deal by adding a hotspot that takes them to a landing page, where the product is automatically added to their cart so they can directly purchase the product from there.

Hotspot videos can be used across all aspects of your product video strategy, but how they look in your particular video is up to you.

How can I use hotspots in my eCommerce video?

Creating an interactive shopping experience for your customers with hotspot videos allows you to grab their attention in a new and innovative way. Here’s how you can use hotspots in your existing product videos with Mindstamp’s easy to use interactive video platform: 

Open a URL link to learn more about a product

A hotspot video can direct your viewer to your website where they can learn more about the product. This hotspot was created with the click action as ‘Open URL’ where the URL is directed to the product’s information page.

Here’s an example:

Display a label for your product

Hotspot videos can also provide your viewer with information directly within your videos. This hotspot was created with the click action as ‘Show Message’ that describes the product directly within the video.

Take a look:

Drive action to buy now

In addition to providing additional information about your products, hotspot videos can drive your viewers to purchase directly from your product video. By creating custom links, your viewers can select the hotspots associated with the products. The product(s) selected can then be added directly to your viewer’s shopping cart so all they have left to do is complete the purchase.

Are you ready to start creating hotspot videos?

Adding hotspots to your product videos allows you to keep your viewers engaged while leading them towards the final goal of purchasing your product. Hotspots allow your viewers to gain more information about your products, all while driving higher ROI and traffic to your eCommerce site.

Mindstamp’s interactive video platform allows you to create hotspot videos and elevate your eCommerce video content to its full potential. Click here to get a demo of Mindstamp or start your free trial today!

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