Search Your Videos: Introducing Transcripts on Mindstamp

October 20, 2020

Video is the fastest growing learning medium today.

As more people learn digitally, it's increasingly important that the educational content is accessible, navigable, and understandable.

Unlike standard written material, the content of a video is not 'scannable' at a glance. It's difficult to know exactly where a certain topic is being discussed and navigate to those points efficiently.

E-Learning expert Craig Weiss believes that solving this problem will be a major focus of the industry in 2020:

Video Auto-Transcripts and Scan Features –  The next tier of video management. You see a video and the system automatically publishes a transcript of the audio.  The end-user can read the text, highlight it, and then go right to that point if the system has a search component.  This eliminates huge weaknesses that exist in today’s viewing of a video.

At Mindstamp, we've been helping bridge this gap by allowing viewers to add interactions throughout a video, such as comments, drawings, and more. This enables a student or instructor to highlight important parts, add their own context, and easily navigate back at a later time to review.

But that only covers one side of the equation.

Today, we're happy to enhance this effort by launching automatic transcriptions for videos uploaded to Mindstamp.

Transcripts turn your videos into searchable, accessible documents. They allow viewers to review the content of the video and navigate to the points that interest them, where they can augment it with their own personal interactions that join the searchable list.

You can see a live transcript in action here.

Transcripts are available for our Pro subscribers today and are automatically generated for uploaded videos. To learn more or request more information, please request a demo.

Cover image by Claire Graybeal.

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