Personalized Video Email Marketing: Get Noticed, Get Results

January 5, 2022

Successful email marketing gets more and more challenging every day. You’re constantly looking for the next edge to drive engagement and results from your campaigns, but the volume of email delivered to every inbox is already overwhelming. Standing out in the crowd takes a combination of great content and good luck, but you can definitely tilt the scales in your favor by leveraging the power of personalized video in your email campaigns.

Personalized video email marketing is one of the best methods for making your email content jump off the page and ensuring your viewers take notice. Viewers naturally gravitate towards content that is about them, and the concept of personalized video content creates a sense of active participation for the viewer.

Using Mindstamp for personalized, interactive video, you can augment any existing video asset with:

  • Buttons with call-to-action text that is unique to the individual viewer, for instance leveraging their name or company information
  • Dynamic text that presents or summarizes information about the viewer or their use of your service in a given period.
  • Questions that are specific to the viewer, ranging from content that ties into the product they’ve purchased to feedback on features you know they use
  • Images that area unique to the viewer based on their interests 
  • Choose-your-own-Adventure navigation experiences that focus the viewer’s interests on what matters most

To maximize the impact of personalized video in your email marketing, you simply need to follow a few simple steps:

STEP 1: Use Mindstamp’s powerful personalization, variable replacement and conditional logic features to take static video content and turn it into a dynamic video experience. This can be as simple as leveraging variables like ‘Name’ within the video, capturing variables throughout the video based on viewer interactions, or by passing unique variables in via the URL.

STEP 2: If passing in variables, dynamically assemble the end URL to include in your email marketing campaign. This could be manually constructed or assembled based on data points you already have in your CRM platform.

STEP 3: Consider creating a dynamic thumbnail for each viewer such that the image they see in the email further reinforces that the video they are about to experience is personalized. Mindstamp can help guide you on this if necessary.

STEP 4: Emphasize the personalized video content throughout the email itself, drawing attention to what is a truly unique, viewer-first experience.

Coupled with Mindstamp’s native CRM integrations for Hubspot and Salesforce, you can then directly track all viewer interactions on their personalized video, track those interactions back on the CRM platform, and drive the next best action as well.

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