In case you missed it: New Features in 2022

Thursday, October 20, 2022

In case you missed it: we've been enhancing the Mindstamp platform at a rapid pace! Here's a small recap of some of the more notable features we've added in the past six months..

⌚️ Precision Timing

Place interactions with 1/10th of a second precision, compared to a full second previously

🌀 Trackable Hotspots

Create a moving "sticky" hotspot that tracks an object or place in the video

📊 Auto Exports

Create custom data exports that automatically run on a chosen basis

📝 Access Lists

Grant a pre-defined audience access to your videos via a CSV list of email and an optional passcode

🌈 Gradients and Animations

Use beautiful gradient colors throughout your video and animate on-screen interactions to grab viewer attention

📉 Dropoff Report

See exactly what parts of your content viewers are seeing, where they stop watching, and missed interactions

👁 Branching Visualization

See a "birds eye view" of your interactive video branching experience

✅ Custom Lead Capture Fields

Add custom fields to viewer info capture which are stored on the viewer record and available in the API and data exports

✏️ Bulk Edit

Quickly update granular settings across multiple videos at once

📍 Precise Location

Allow users to grant access to their precise location for inclusion in reporting

🤨 Question Rewind + Hint

Provide a hint for viewers when answering a question, and allow rewinding to a specific time that is relevant to the question content

👆🏼 Require click to continue

Force a viewer to click an interaction before proceeding past it in the video

🚫 Post-click State

Make interactions disabled or hidden after being clicked to create the perfect experience 

📊 Polls

Allow viewers to see the summarized results of other viewers after answering a question

💰 Conversion Tracking + Goals

Define a goal and get a javascript snippet that tracks conversion events on your website, such as booking an call or buying a product

⚡️  Zapier Zap

Use Zapier to send your Mindstamp View, Interaction, and Lead data to thousands of other software applications

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