Part 1: Is your video content working for you? Find out!

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Video is one of the most dominant content types for advertising, marketing, product demonstrations, customer education and onboarding and corporate training. This isn’t a surprise considering 95% of consumers retain the message in video content while only 10% do from text (Insivia). But historically video has been a bit of a black box. You may get basic view statistics, but do you really know if your video content is working? Is it driving the outcome you need in your organization?

Ask yourself the 3 questions in this blog series when considering the efficacy of your video marketing, and consider how the use of intelligent, interactive video from Mindstamp can dramatically enhance your ability to confidently answer ‘YES’ in each case. 

(What do we mean by intelligent, interactive video, jump to this blog post to learn more).

Question 1: Do you know that your audience actually saw the most important content?

There are lots of scenarios where your viewer starts your content, but where they don’t actually see the most important parts. They could start the video, get distracted while it runs to the end, and then move on. They could start, click around a bit in the seekbar without much direction, and then turn their attention elsewhere. Or they could start, jump to the end to see if they can get a summary, and then call it done.

Mindstamp provides a few tools to ensure your viewers are getting eyeballs on the content you want, including:

  • With second-by-second analytics, we can help you know exactly which seconds of your videos your audience watched, and where they fall off in the process. You can know, and therefore optimize on what parts of your video are receiving the most attention and how quickly do your lose that attention over time.
  • By integrating checkpoints into the video that trigger viewer participation (for instance a question to check interests, buttons that jump to the next section, or a simple ‘go on’ click to progress past an intended pause), you bring the viewers attention back to the video and you know through Mindstamp analytics how many viewers actually reached that point in the video and took the next step to watch more.
  • Simple chapter and navigation tools help you guide your viewers to the parts in your video that you (if guided) or they (if self selected) care about most. By presenting formal chapter navigation or simple buttons and hotspots to jump to the next bit of content, you can observe just how long and how engaged you keep your viewers and what content is being consumed most consistently.

In the next post in this series we’ll jump into the second question to ask yourself to determine if your video content is working. 

Question 2: Do you know that your audience understood the message you were communicating based on the action they took?

Tune in to the next post in this series to answer this question to determine if your video content is working. 

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