HubSpot & Mindstamp: The Future of Interactive Video

Video marketing, and specifically, interactive video marketing, has completely taken over the digital space. Just how big has interactive video become? A recent survey found that 92% of buyers prefer interactive and visual content over more traditional formats. 

In fact, HubSpot, one of the most powerful CRM and marketing automation tools on the market, recently stated the growing need for businesses to leverage interactive videos in their marketing strategies. According to HubSpot's video marketing report, interactive videos offer the fifth-highest ROI, and approximately 47% of marketers agree that interactive content generates more leads. With HubSpot, a leader in the marketing industry, recognizing the importance of interactive videos for businesses, it’s clear that interactive video is the future of video marketing.

To help businesses propel forward, Mindstamp, a top interactive video platform, built an integration with HubSpot, which combines Mindstamp's rich video data with HubSpot's powerful CRM.

Mindstamp’s HubSpot Integration

Mindstamp is one of the most robust interactive video platforms available. With Mindstamp, you can create interactive videos that collect data, engage viewers, personalize experiences, sell products, capture leads, and more. Best of all, you can send valuable data points and information from your interactive content directly to Hubspot with our built-in HubSpot integration.

By connecting Mindstamp directly to your HubSpot CRM platform, you can track, trigger, and enhance your existing CRM, contact management, marketing processes, and workflows with the power of interactive video.

Let's break down what a few of our HubSpot integration features include and how they benefit your business: 

Personalize Your Content 

By creating a personalized video experience, you show the viewer that your video isn't just another generic piece of content, but that it was made specifically for them. Personalization helps increase engagement, build trust, and enhance brand loyalty by gaining insight into your consumer’s needs

Using Mindstamp, you can integrate interactive videos directly into your Hubspot landing pages and personalize them with any data you know about the viewer. For example, you can address viewers by name in the video, or use the last time your viewer purchased from your business by integrating the data to appear in a Mindstamp interactive element, such as buttons, labels, images, and questions.

Another great way to personalize your content is through Mindstamp's powerful conditional logic feature. It allows you to dynamically change the questions you show in your interactive videos based on your viewers' previous answers or based on data you have already captured in HubSpot, or will capture during an interaction within the video.

Sync Activity to HubSpot

Our interactive videos are fully integrated into the HubSpot Activity Feed, allowing you to take the power of HubSpot to the next level. With just a few simple steps you can connect your HubSpot account directly to Mindstamp to track all views, clicks, and questions collected from your Mindstamp video with their contact page in HubSpot. This will allow your marketing and sales team to have full visibility and easy access to the data collected from Mindstamp's videos directly at their fingertips!

Automate Marketing

By using data from the Mindstamp video, such as which interactive elements the viewer clicked on, or how they responded to questions, you can dynamically change subsequent marketing communications, including emails or follow-up interactive videos. Streamlining marketing efforts allows your business to focus on activities that cannot be automated, such as creating partnerships and closing deals. 

Qualify Leads

In lead scoring, you assign a value, often in the form of numerical "points," to each lead you generate for the business. With our HubSpot integration, you can directly connect actions or responses from your Mindstamp videos into Hubspot’s lead scoring feature to identify and prioritize marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads. 

Create and Update Contacts

Integrate your new contacts into HubSpot based on Mindstamp’s lead and viewer info capture functionality, including the viewer's name, email, and phone number. By using interactive video as a lead generation tool, you can take your video content to the next level by capturing valuable information about your viewers and storing that information directly in HubSpot to be used for future targeted nurturing campaigns. 

Next Steps

The key to capturing your viewer's attention, maximizing your video ROI, extending average watch time, and establishing your content as a leader in video marketing is to create an interactive viewing experience!

Interactive video can dramatically enhance HubSpot marketing campaigns by deeply engaging viewers and driving action and next steps. Once you authenticate Mindstamp with your HubSpot account, you can choose which videos, views, and interactions to connect to HubSpot. Request a free demo with one of our video experts to learn more about our HubSpot integration and to see how Mindstamp can work best for your business. Start making the most out of your runtime today! 

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