Future-Proof Your Content with Interactive Video

March 29, 2022

The world moves fast these days and it’s likely that aspects of your business do too. It’s almost impossible to ensure that all of your assets are as updated and as relevant as they should be, especially when it takes time and money to recreate dated video content. On average, producing only one video costs between $880 and $1200, making it a big expense if you’re looking to update multiple videos.

However, with an interactive video platform like Mindstamp, which enables you to create personalized and dynamic video content, you’re able to future-proof your assets by using interactive features that keep your videos relevant and updated for years to come. 

Mindstamp allows you to create evergreen video content for your sales, marketing, and training videos. Below are some examples of how interactive features can future-proof your video content. Best of all? It’s drag-and-drop simple! 

How to future-proof your sales videos

As your clients progress through your sales process, it’s important that the right viewers see the right calls-to-action (CTAs). With Mindstamp, you can upload your existing sales videos and use Mindstamp’s button interaction to dynamically change calls-to-action in a way that fits your current business goals. That means you can easily change your ‘Subscribe to Mailing List' button to a ‘Buy Now’ button that links out to your pricing page during a flash-sale or promotion. You can also use conditional logic to show returning customers special deals. 

See a sales video in action 👉  https://mindstamp.video/watch/elWmTuvnegfU. Each element, like the CTAs, questions, and comments, can all be edited for future video ideations. 

How to future-proof your marketing videos

Whether your prospects are just learning about your products and services, or they’re ready to purchase, you can use interactive videos to learn more about your audience and provide them with the right content at the right time. 

Branching is an interactive video feature that gives your viewers the opportunity to choose their own viewing path based on the feedback they provide within the video itself. By having viewers choose their path, you’re able to provide them with more custom-tailored content and action items, which are critical elements when helping move your customers through the sales funnel. 

You can also include interactive hotspots that direct viewers to recent customer reviews and let them read the most relevant feedback, or add updated images or videos of your new products throughout the video.

See an interactive marketing video in action 👉  https://mindstamp.video/watch/BDzNDPqGWOoI

How to future-proof your training videos

Instead of spending time and money developing brand-new training materials, interactive videos allow you to take existing video content and layer interactive elements on top to create a completely new training experience. You can repurpose that old training video that you've been using for two or three years by adding a simple note to clarify any updates, or even use the navigation feature to skip a section entirely if it’s no longer relevant. 

Mindstamp also allows you to add a variety of custom questions anywhere throughout your video to ensure comprehension. Then, check out your Reporting & Analytics to measure class performance. 

See an interactive training video in action 👉  https://mindstamp.video/watch/XufOvVvsKjQn 

Want to learn more? 

Mindstamp expert, Brett Lindenberg, joined Jon Skattum’s interview series to discuss the future of training with Motive Learning co-founder Karla Roberts— Check out the following video to hear Brett’s thoughts on how interactive video allows you to future-proof your training content.

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