What is a video overlay?

Videos are increasingly becoming the top form of content consumed by the population. However, as the demand for professional video rises, so too does the cost of its production. On average, producing a video can cost anywhere from $880 to $1,200 for just one video. Thus making the process of updating videos a financial burden, and forcing businesses to consider how the video will age — until now.

Being able to future-proof your video content is a solution that can keep your videos relevant and updated for years to come. Video overlays, specifically, are an easy and affordable way to future-proof your content as additions like text, images, videos, etc. can be added to the “top layer” of a video, making the updating process significantly easier, and less expensive.

What is a video overlay?

A video overlay, also called a picture-in-picture effect, is an editing tool used to enhance any video by adding additional items that are customizable for many different purposes. Just as a picture is enhanced by a filter, a video is enhanced by a video overlay.  An overlay is an element that goes over the original video as a filter, title, image, video, text, clickable hotspot, etc.

Benefits of using a video overlay

Video overlays are becoming an important part of marketing strategy, and the sooner you incorporate them, the better!

Below are some benefits of using a platform to add video overlays:

  1. Future-proof your content by making it easy to change overlays over time.
  2. Increase engagement by adding clickable interactive elements throughout your video.
  3. Provide additional context to an existing video
  4. Give your video the ability to be used for multiple purposes.

Uses cases for video overlays

As mentioned before, overlays are a great way to layer additional items on top of your existing videos, making it quite a customizable feature for video production. Below are a few use-cases on how video overlays might be helpful for your business:

1. Use clickable overlays to drive action

Clickable overlays, like buttons, hotspots, and images, drive action by giving the viewer clear direction to their next step. Whether it’s an image overlay of a product that links to the product page, or a clickable hotspot that links to a checkout page, clickable overlays make it easy to drive users through the funnel. Additionally, clickable overlays can help you learn more about your customer’s interests based on what they interact with.

2. Update your training curriculum

Another benefit of utilizing video overlays is the ability to easily update your training curriculum. When policies and procedures change, you can simply edit the overlay of your existing traditional training video. This saves both time and money and will help keep branding consistent when you keep your video content up to date.

3. Use overlays to expand upon your existing video

The ideal video length should not exceed 60 seconds to ensure you’re still capturing your audience’s attention. With video overlays, you’re able to expand on a topic by adding additional multimedia to your videos like recorded instructions, or by adding dynamic branching to navigate your users to a new video on a certain topic. Thus providing a great user experience for those seeking more information, without overwhelming your other users with an abundance of information they don’t need.

Create video overlays with Mindstamp

With Mindstamp’s interactive video editing platform, you can easily create overlays to future proof your video edits, and minimize the cost of re-creating content that needs to be updated in the future.

With Mindstamp, you can add a video overlay in the forms of images, videos, hotspots, or buttons and can include interactive actions like opening website links, changing video time, branching to a new video, showing messages based on a response, collecting responses, and so much more! Video overlay is a powerful tool that may be the solution you’ve been searching for.

With Mindstamp’s free trial, you can try all the possibilities of interactive video’s overlay feature. Between the credit-card-free setup and free trial period, you can experience the full potential of Mindstamp today!

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