The Top Interactive Video Types of 2022

March 29, 2022

As we come to a close on a ….. shall we say “exciting” 2021, we’ve taken a look under the hood at the thousands of interactive videos created on the Mindstamp platform over the past year, the top-used interaction types across those videos, and how effective they are in driving customer outcome to predict where the industry for interactive video will be headed in 2022.

One thing we’ve noticed is that while interactive video remains a ‘catch all’ for transforming videos from one-way viewing content into dynamic, personalized and viewer-engaging video content, we’re also seeing more adoption of ‘result-focused’ categories of interactive video. It’s these result or intent-based interactive video templates that we expect to dominate in 2022, as sales teams, marketing organizations, corporate communications executives, trainers and educators all recognize the power of interactive video to increase engagement, drive action and capture results by making the video content more personal and actionable.

So, in 2022 we’ll see a significant uptick in industry adoption of interactive video to drive the following business outcomes:

1. Using branching or choose-your-adventure interactive videos to streamline how rapidly viewers get to the content or information that most interests them, increasing engagement and driving the desired viewer action.

2. Activating products and merchandise in videos to create interactive shoppable videos that encourage product discovery, enhance multi-media content supporting product descriptions, and most importantly - drive viewers to take action and purchase through in-video clicks that add to shopping cart and check out.

3. Directly embedding lead capture triggers within video content on websites and landing pages to capture video viewer contact information at the exact moment of optimum interest or based on a specific trigger, action or event that maximizes lead conversion. Of course interactive video lead capture through Mindstamp directly syncs those leads to the CRM of your choice, such as Hubspot, Salesforce or anything you can connect to Zapier.

4. Ensuring corporate video training content is effective and that trainees are consuming and comprehending the content, as well as taking the next step in their training curriculum. By integrating incremental image, video or web content within the training video, prompting questions to test comprehension throughout the learning process and reporting on participation and completion, training managers can turn static video content into high impact and engaging assets.

5. Creating deeply personalized video marketing assets that incorporate individualized content about your marketing contacts, dynamically change the video experience based on how they respond to prompts such as buttons or questions, and evolve as your customers progress through your sales funnel.

6. Capturing viewer feedback or driving consumer research by using surveys and polls presented at the exact contextual moment within your video content to gain unique insight about your viewers, their interests, or how they’re responding to your video content.

Creating each of these video types on Mindstamp is simple. With just a few clicks you can be up and running on any of these interactive video solutions with Mindstamp.

Branching / Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Videos

Let viewers ‘choose their own adventure’ in your videos by dynamically navigating within your video or across multiple linked videos. Branching videos can be achieved with multiple interactive tools on Mindstamp.

  • Add chapters, buttons, hotspots, images, or questions to invite viewers to choose what they want to see next. Chapters can be presented as a permanently ‘pinned’ table of contents on a video to streamline in-video navigation.
  • Configure those viewer actions to either change time in your video or switch to another video or time entirely. Video viewing no longer has to be linear, and if your content is spread across multiple source video assets, you never lose the value of that content.
  • Use navigation controls to automatically return viewers to their original jump-off point to discover more content or take the next step in their navigation.

Learn about interactive video branching tools on Mindstamp here.

Shoppable Videos

Turn viewers into buyers with videos that let your customers click on products, add them to their shopping cart, and check out. You can also augment products with videos that pause, allowing viewers to explore products in more detail, or combine with video branching to jump into product categories or deeper product explanations or review.

  • Place hotspots or buttons on top of your in-video products, or add product images directly to indicate to viewers that they can engage with your products within the shoppable video.
  • Link those interactions to your shopping cart or check-out page either in a modal page within the video itself or directly on your eCommerce site. Use custom HTML blocks if needed to augment the cart creation process.
  • Let users ‘unlock’ discount codes by learning more about a product or providing contact information to encourage immediate purchase.

Custom solutions can also be built on top of Mindstamp videos to achieve the precise checkout flow you’d like. Contact Us to learn more.

Lead Capture Videos

Prompt your viewers for contact information at the best possible moment and sync that data to your CRM platform to drive follow on.

  • Use Mindstamp’s ‘Viewer Info Capture,’ which is available under Video Settings, to prompt viewers to provide contact information including name, email, and phone number.
  • Trigger the prompt before the video plays, at a specific time in the video, or based on an action the viewer takes (for instance when they click to download a white paper or ask to unlock a discount code).
  • Integrate Mindstamp with your CRM platform using our native Hubspot or Salesforce connections, or to any platform via Zapier to ensure you’ve capturing lead information for follow up.

Read more about lead capture videos here.

Interactive Video Training

Add additional information (like images and clips) alongside a breadth of question formats to create deeply engaging interactive video training experiences that ensure training participation and viewer comprehension.

  • Enhance video content with multi-media such as images, video clips, or audio clips that present automatically or in response to a viewer click or response.
  • Strategically place questions throughout the video to encourage engagement and test knowledge, including free response, multiple choice, choose all-that-apply, voice, video and drawing response question types.
  • Review participation, time on video, and correctness statistics to monitor training effect, and trigger follow on video assets based on that data real-time within the video itself.

Read some tips on creating the most effective interactive video training here.

Personalized Marketing Videos

Dynamically change video content based on information that’s already known about a viewer via a linked CRM or website action, or through information you collect from the viewer as they watch and interact with the video content.

  • Add variables that dynamically change comments, labels, buttons or any text in a Mindstamp video based on information about the viewer, such as their name, company, purchase history, renewal date, and more.
  • Use conditional logic to modify what happens next in a video, where the viewer is taken in the video, or what interactions are presented based on their specific interests or needs.
  • Sync your videos to your CRM to personalize video marketing in real time. You can also pass variables into Mindstamp videos if they are linked in email marketing or hosted within campaign landing pages.

Learn more about interactive video personalization on Mindstamp here

See different Mindstamp integrations, including CRM integrations, here.

Video Surveys and Polls

Add simple surveys to your videos spanning multiple question formats, from free response and multiple choice to Likert scales and star ratings. Present survey questions at the ideal time within the video content to capture honest and direct feedback and insight.

  • Add questions of any format throughout your video or in grouped ‘Question Sets’ that can dynamically change based on personalization and conditional logic. This includes changing the content of the question itself, as well as the order and presentation of questions.
  • Require viewers to answer specific questions to unlock additional video content or to progress further as a reward for survey completion.
  • Review aggregate poll responses in Mindstamp’s rich reporting dashboard or download CSVs to upload survey and poll information into a third party data warehouse.

Read a bit more about adding questions, surveys, and polls to your interactive video here.

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