The Power of Multimedia in Interactive Video

December 5, 2022

Traditional video is a linear experience. A video is a predetermined number of seconds or minutes long and viewers watch the video from beginning to end, or more likely to the point that their attention wanders and they click off to something else. As a result, your audience can miss significant pieces of valuable information or detail, drastically affecting click-through rates and comprehension.

What’s more, not every viewer consumes content in the same way. Even though video is undoubtedly one of the most dominant forms of content online, you still have to create content that keeps viewers engaged and attentive to drive results. 

That’s where multimedia elements added into an interactive video come in. Use Mindstamp's drag & drop editor to easily add pictures, charts, downloaded PDFs, animated GIFs, embedded web pages, embedded videos or audio clips and much more to your existing video content. Doing this can dramatically enhance a traditional, linear video viewing experience. For instance:

- If an on-screen topic can benefit from additional explanation from an expert, an interactive video built on Mindstamp with an embedded video or audio file can launch additional detail based on a viewer’s action in the video - like clicking a “Learn More” button. Just as powerfully, if the viewer doesn’t want to watch or listen to the additional content, with just one click they’re back into the main branch of the video.

- Images, including infographics, charts, or tooltips are a compelling way to add value to any video. Whether you have an image of a product specification that pops up when a viewer clicks on a hotspot, a chart with detailed information about a topic attached to a button, or just a picture of a puppy that appears at a specific time to put a smile on the viewer’s face, Mindstamp makes it simple.

- Downloadable assets are a recent and tremendously powerful addition to the Mindstamp capability portfolio. Use the “Download File” click action to allow viewers to download external content like PDFs, slideshows, documents, and more, all with the click of a button!

- If you have supporting sites that you want to expose your viewer to during runtime, you can use the “Open Modal Link” click action to activate the site in a “picture-in-picture” way overtop the video. This is a very powerful tool to get your content in front of your viewer’s eyes during the video's runtime without running the risk of them clicking away and not coming back. Popular use cases include checkout pages for shoppable videos, or calendar links to schedule a meeting. 

Ultimately, interactive video is the future of all video content.  By pairing Mindstamp's multimedia tools like those listed above to your existing video content, you’re actively promoting greater viewer engagement, higher clickthru, increased understanding of material, and much, muc more. 

Mindstamp makes every view more valuable for your video content. Get started today or request a demo to learn more!

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