Part 3: Is your video content working for you? Find out!

January 5, 2022

This is the third part in our series about maximizing your video content ROI - regardless of the stage in your customer journey where you use video - by asking yourself three simple questions. These questions are all based around the fact that traditional video is a one-way street. It’s like a billboard on the side of the road. And as a result, it’s a black box.

So in Part 1 of this blog series we asked Question 1: Do you know that your audience actually saw the most important content? 

Then in Part 2 we asked Question 2: Do you know that your audience understood the message you were communicating based on the action they took? 

Which brings us to Part 3 and Question 3: Are your viewers taking the action you want them to take in response to your video?

Great video marketing is storytelling. Viewers are immediately swept up in the world you create and the experience you want them to have. But if they don’t actually take the action you want them to take, you’re simply providing free entertainment.

From company branding and awareness marketing to product demo videos and customer onboarding, each video might have a distinct objective in mind. With interactive video from Mindstamp, you will immediately know if your viewer took the action you wanted them to take, and can easily test - using the same underlying video - a number of mechanisms to achieve that goal. For instance:

  • Buttons - One of the easiest interactions to add on Mindstamp is a Button. From ‘Subscribe Now’ and ‘Add to Cart’ and ‘Learn More’ and ‘Sign Up’, the opportunities to test different CTAs on your interactive video are endless. With Google Optimize integration and Mindstamp Conditional Logic, you can A/B test different permutations to see what works best in language, placement, design and timing. Obviously buttons can open links, but they can also open multi-media like images, infographics, video clips or audio clips if your objective is actually to convey more information. They can prompt the user for feedback or share a quick text message, or they could launch an email, chat or phone call directly.
  • Images - While your interactive video is worth 1M words, pictures still are worth 1,000 words. What’s great about Mindstamp is the click on the image can do everything the click on the button does. So you can add multiple images to a video and ask a viewer to click one to learn more about a particular topic or to put a product into their shopping cart.
  • Hotspots - An immensely powerful way to engage your audience in the next best action is to invite them to click on the elements of the video that interest them most. From features on software to clothes on a model, viewers love to interact. Hotspot clicks can do anything a button can do and are often used to put products into shopping carts or jump to another section of the video to explain more.
  • Questions - Sometimes you just want to ask your viewer a direct question. Questions can be free response, multiple choice, drop-down select, number or date format or you can ask your viewer for rich multi-media responses including drawings, voice responses or video response.
  • End Call-to-Action - Mindstamp also supports a standard ‘final’ end call-to-action on every video that includes a button control and custom text that is simple to set. Do you want your viewer to subscribe to your newsletter? Visit another website? Start another video? This is a critical mechanism for driving the behavior you want once you know your viewer has consumed your content.

By incorporating these elements into your interactive video, you’ll know if the viewer took the action you wanted individually, what percentage of your viewers took your action broadly, and be able to rapidly A/B test different actions on the video to see what creates the experience where your viewers are most likely to take the action you want. With rich reporting on view time, participation and interactions that can be exported via CSV or directly incorporated into your CRM platform, Mindstamp makes it easy to answer the 3 critical questions.

  1. Did your viewers watch it?
  2. Did they understand your message?
  3. Did they take the action you wanted in response to that content?

Didn’t read parts 1 and 2? Here you go:

- Part 1: Do you know that your audience actually saw the most important content? 

- Part 2: Do you know that your audience understood the message you were communicating based on the action they took?

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