In 2023, Every Marketing Video Should Be Interactive

February 15, 2023
Interactive video is as easy, accessible, and powerful as it's ever been.

Now that we’re well into 2023, if there is one thing we can confidently predict, it’s that every marketing video should be interactive from this point forward. That might be a bold statement, but with a few examples it should be clear how simple and powerful it is to create dynamic, engaging interactive videos regardless of your existing content.

Interactivity As 1-Click Add-On

Whether you’re using videos in marketing to explain your products, convey your unique value proposition or onboard new customers, adding interactivity to every video is a simple and powerful way to get more value from every view. With the introduction of our new interactive video feature called Resource Tray, you don’t have to build your video with interactivity in mind. Every marketer can simply add a Resource Tray to any marketing video on their website, embedded in a landing page or linked in a newsletter. Common interactive uses of the Resource Tray include adding a button to schedule a product demo, links to pricing pages or details, links to FAQs 

End Call-to-Action For All

Just as critical to the content of your video is the action you’re asking your audience to take once they’ve watched the video to the end. With all of the same power of the Resource Tray described above, Mindstamp’s End Call-to-Action tool gives you the ability to create fully custom, engagement-driving buttons and controls that display at the end of your video. Whether you want your viewers to watch the next video in a series, to download a related white paper of PDF, to book a live conversation or to link off to registration or purchase pages, you can be sure the end of the video isn’t the end of the road for your viewer. With fully customizable designs, your video becomes an immersive, branded experience from start to finish.

AI-Video Interactivity

If you’re not sure how to get started with video content, consider the power of Mindstamp + Synthesia. With just a text-based script, you can use Synthesia’s AI Avatars to present your video content clearly and professionally. Here’s an example using Video Branching. Considering how powerful video content can be - Wyzowl reports that 72% of consumers prefer to watch videos for product/service awareness rather than reading text - transforming your text-based content into interactive videos is a no-brainer. You can then easily add interactive video calls-to-action to book appointments, schedule demos, download white papers, launch more detailed content, register for a webinar and more.

Sales / Marketing Material Downloads

If you’re already set with your video content, consider using the download file action on Mindstamp interactive video to add more valuable content to your existing videos. With a few clicks you can add a button or default icon and link to a PDF or other file type to allow your viewers to download more content. Want to restrict that content? Simply use Mindstamp’s Lead Capture functionality to require your users to provide contact information before they download. With Mindstamp’s integrations to CRM platforms like Hubspot, webhooks and Zapier integrations, you can then add those contacts directly to your marketing and sales systems for follow up.

It’s that simple in 2023 to turn any video into an interactive experience, or to take your existing text content and make it a powerful interactive AI video. Want to see for yourself, simple sign up for our free trial or if you’d like an expert to show you the way, we’d be happy to provide a personalized demo.

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