How to take the next step for your viewer with a custom CTA

Friday, October 28, 2022

At Mindstamp, we talk a lot about what happens during the video. I mean, it’s hard not to! In an age where attention spans have never been shorter, adding engaging elements like buttons, hotspots, and questions is a great way to boost retention. But what about what happens after your video is over? We believe that the decisions your viewers make post-experience are just as important, if not more important, than what they do while the video is playing. That’s why we’ve added a built-in ability to influence post-view decision making.

The end call-to-action (or end CTA, for short) is a dialogue your viewers will be presented with at the end of a video experience. On traditional, non-interactive video, this is typically something like a “Replay Video” button, or perhaps some recommended videos. While these “standard” end CTAs can be helpful, there’s a much greater opportunity for engagement and increased clickthru with the advanced CTA suite that Mindstamp offers. Below are just some of the different end CTAs that you can add to the conclusion of your interactive video:

“Contact” calls-to-action that will allow viewers to either place a call or start typing an email to a prespecified address:

“Branching” calls-to-action that let your viewers take the next step in an interactive adventure: 

“Final Score” calls-to-action that show your viewers the result of the assessment they took, alongside an opportunity to try again:

“Open Link” calls-to-action that automatically transfer viewers to a URL of your choice as soon as the experience is over - either with or without clicking a button:

Imagine being able to take the next step on behalf of your viewer. With Mindstamps custom end calls-to-action, you can! Your viewer can experience your interactive video and automatically redirect to a link of your choice as soon as they’re finished. Whether you’re using interactive video for sales, marketing, e-learning, or internal communications, custom end calls-to-action will surely supercharge results. See below for some real examples of the end CTA in the field: 

  • Marketers use custom end CTAs to make branching experiences easy
  • Educators use custom end CTAs to show results after assessments
  • Sales Teams use custom end CTAs to automatically open their meeting scheduler when the video is completed 
  • Customer Service teams use custom end CTAs to let clients contact help agents with ease 

These are only some of the ways that Mindstamp's custom end calls-to-action can maximize your interactive experience and drive results with your digital content. Ready to get started? Login or sign up for a 7 day free trial to begin using custom CTAs today! \

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