Deliver Critical Calls-To-Action With an Accessible Resource Tray

With the million-and-one ways to use interactivity, it isn’t always immediately clear where and when to use select interactions throughout your video. While some content is ripe with opportunity for calls-to-action, like a spokesperson saying “click the button below to schedule with an advisor,” other content may not present such an obvious opportunity. Luckily, Mindstamp has you covered! 

With Mindstamp’s resource trays, you can create an ever-present layer of interactions directly in your video. This click-to-open menu can house important calls-to-action such as “Learn More,” “Schedule a Meeting,” “Buy Now,” and more. You can also use the resource tray to provide additional context about on-screen content, or even as a means to navigate longform content! In classic Mindstamp fashion, resource trays are easily created and configured in our drag-and-drop editor and are, of course, fully customizable to maximize brand consistency. 

Although virtually limitless, some common implementations of the resource tray include: 

Company Overview

Include relevant information about your company by including your company logo, a button to download more information about your mission, and a contact button for your viewers to get in touch.

Additional Context

Include buttons linking to external sources that provide additional information regarding the topics discussed in your video. For example, you might provide links to videos or articles that might help explain a complex topic.

Video Navigation

Create an index of your videos or collection of videos by using buttons that, when pressed, can change time in an experience or switch to a totally different experience. 

Resource trays revolutionize the way interactivity can be layered in your videos. With resource trays, any new or existing video can be optimized with key focuses and calls-to-action present and accessible when they matter most.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out this 3 minute walkthrough below or schedule a demo with one of our interactive experts! 

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