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Thursday, April 14, 2022

The Count’s Den is a vampire-themed, audience participation theater in Los Angeles known for creating exciting, engaging and often surprising performances. Viewers play an active role in the art through a combination of immersive storytelling and intense theatrics. 

Unfortunately, with Covid putting the damper on theater events, The Count’s Den owner Rachel Adams needed to find another way to continue to engage her fans and followers. She and her fellow vampire/actors realized that Halloween presented a perfect time to launch a virtual but fully interactive theater experience.

The team got to work writing and filming over 140 short scenes for their interactive performance titled ‘Murder We Wrote’. 

The Count's Den logic map - over 140 videos!

"With hundreds of scenes and dozens of potential viewer paths, we needed a solution that made it easy to upload, manage and connect videos with hotspots to create our choose-your-own-adventure video experience. Mindstamp was the perfect solution." - Rachel Adams

Using Mindstamp, Rachel was able to seamlessly connect every individual video into an immersive choose-your-own-adventure experience where the viewers decide how the story unfolds. Mindstamp hotspots and seamless video transitions made it easy for the audience to click and control what happened next in their spooky experience.

You can explore the mystery of Murder She Wrote by visiting The Count’s Den today.

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