Turn Any Video Into a Survey

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Add interactive questions to your videos to collect viewer responses and gain audience insights

Video is one of the most powerful communication tools, but it’s classically just a one-way conversation...you talking at your viewer. You hope your viewer is actually paying attention and watches until the end. You can’t be sure what content was most compelling or interesting, And most critically, it’s hard to have a clear sense of what to do next once your viewer has stopped watching.

Mindstamp makes it simple to take any video and make it an interactive and engaging viewer experience. Some of the most compelling interactions on Mindstamp are simple questions, ranging from free-form response to multiple choice and selection from a list. This is a very simple way to begin to engage viewers and keep them focused on your content.

Mindstamp Question Types

Whether you’re asking about interests, clarifying details about your viewer’s business or simply encouraging them to learn more through images or video clips about topics that trigger a response, for each action your viewer takes you can set a number of ‘responses’, from opening a website (for instance to schedule a demo), starting an email, or loading new content dynamically.

Mindstamp Actions

Finally, you can set your Mindstamp videos to collect contact information about your viewers the first time they interact with the video. Because this is a ‘high engagement’ moment for viewers, your rate of info collection can dramatically increase. This information is prepared for analysis in your Mindstamp dashboard and can be exported as a CSV for use elsewhere. Results can also be integrated, via Webhooks, into your CRM system for additional viewer engagement and personalization.

Response breakdown

You can see all the features that you can add to a video here.

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